Train successfully with Dolly Jumper

The vaulting simulator Dolly Jumper is the ideal horse substitute to assist you with both your vaulting and seat training.It has both variable movement sequences as well as adjustable speeds that range from approximately 0 to 100 jumps per minute. Available in three different sizes Dolly is suitable for athletes of any age.

What makes our vaulting simulator special

Variable movement sequences

Dolly Jumper has both variable movement sequences as well as adjustable speeds that range from approximately 0 to 100 jumps per minute

Three different sizes

Make Dolly Jumper a perfect training partner for athletes of any age.

Adjusts to all needs

Dolly’s head can easily be removed, a leather insert protects against injury. The adjustable strap can be set back by 140mm and can be easily tightened or removed by the clamping system.

Long lifetime

The handmade, solid construction with upholstered padded back allows for a long life, even with several hours of daily use Both products have a changeable imitation leather cover.

Adjustable via App

With the optional app you can also adjust our Dolly Jumper easily from your phone or tablet.

Product info

More facts about the vaulting simulator


Strong support

Dolly effortlessly moves its athletes up to a total weight of 200Kg, thanks to its 2.2Kw electric motor. The smaller version Dolly Jumper Junior is equipped with a 1,5Kw motor and can carry up to 150kg.


Low energy consumption

Dolly Jumper can be plugged into a standard household socket (electric connection: 230V 16A Schuko). The average power consumption is 3.5 A, which is equivalent to 805 watts, which is slightly less than what is currently commercially available vacuum cleaner. (Dolly Jumper Jr. 2,8 A = 650W)


High quality construction

Dolly Jumper is comfortably upholstered and with thick, durable, and easy to care for imitation leather. The leather cover can be easily removed and replaced.


Different levels of gallop

The vaulting simulator moves in gallop which can be set individually from even to energetic.The setting of the speed can be changed on the jumper from 10 to 100 jumps per minute. The speed may also be changed with an optional app on either an Android phone or tablet.

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Details and Pricing

size junior middle big
stick 130cm 137cm 167cm
back length 105cm 155cm 155cm
total length 170cm 220cm 220cm
belly diameter 59cm 62cm 62cm
base width 75cm 98cm 98cm
weight 153kg 271kg 281kg
price (netto) 6690,00€ 7170,00€ 7170,00€


  • Remote Control via app : 178,57€
  • Vaulting belt ES Vario Bockgurt black incl. installation: 696,22€  (more…)
  • Transport trolley: 499,00€ (Offroad, Sand)
  • Wheel set light 100,00€ (Asphalt, Gym)

Free delivery within Germany and Austria

Special designs gladly possible, please inquire offer.

Maintenance: The Service is due after 250 operating hours or after one year. The units have exterior lubrication points which need to be greased every 50 hours. Detailed instruction on our Dollys is included during delivery.


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